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Water Stream Luxury Home Tap Water Filter

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This modern, attractive water filter attaches directly to your existing tap so you can enjoy crystal clear, filtered water at your convenience (no plumber needed) and provides healthy great-tasting water on tap! The Luxury Home Tap Water Filter Cartridge has been tested and certified to reduce and remove most common contaminants found in city or municipal tap water. A selector lever offers two output settings: a luxury spray spout providing fast flowing filtered water and/or unfiltered water.


  • 3 Year Guarantee.
  • Easily replaceable ceramic carbon super drive filter removes common impurities, common pathogens and heavy metals found in city or municipal water including E-coli and Cholera.
  • Provides filtered water for you and your family in your home, office, and canteen area.
  • The Luxury Home Tap Water Filter is to be used with city or municipal tap water. The filter cartridge improves the taste and removes odours caused by chlorine and other impurities.
  • Includes a proven, robust ceramic carbon filter and all tap/faucet fittings.
  • Switch between filtered and unfiltered water for prolonged filter life.
  • Various adapters available for multiple compatibility and easy installation, no plumber needed.
  • Works with the most common used faucet/ tap aerator sizes (does not fit pull-out, hand-held, spray style faucets or faucets with sensors and square and oval tap ends).
  • You can now instantly access clean water straight from your tap/faucet without buying expensive plastic bottled water.