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Vitality Mini Water Cooler & Filter

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The Little Luxury Vitality Mini Water Cooler is an award-winning revolutionary filtration and cooling system that quenches your thirst anytime and anywhere by supplying you with great tasting premium filtered water on demand! This compact cooler and filter turns regular tap water into ice-cold, thirst-quenching, filtered water and is as easy as 1,2,3 to use. Save hundreds of dollars on bottled water. This amazing patented mini water cooler is the only cooler in its class that can give you 3 glasses of ice-cold water one after the other! The compact design measures only 23 in. (58.42 cm) high and weighs only 7.01 lbs. (3.18 KG), making it practical for use in many different locations. It also operates silently, making it ideal for your kitchen, bedroom, children’s room, office, small apartment, patio and more. The tabletop cooler uses about 10-70 watts of energy while traditional full-size water coolers use around 300-500 watts. It is not necessary to have polluting diesel trucks to deliver bottled water when you can filter your own water and save the environment from millions of tons of plastic waste!


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to clean and easy to use – dispenses 3 glasses of ice-cold filtered water one after another.
  • Filters and cools regular tap water.
  • Compact with quiet operation – can fit anywhere, next to your bed, on your desk, bar, in your child’s room or kitchen.
  • Convenient – perfect for anybody, anywhere, no heavy bottles to carry, easy to replace filters and saves money on bottled water, helping to avoid plastic waste!
  • It has a capacity of 2.15 gallons (8.14 liters) and a fast flow tap.
  • The quality refillable BPA-free 1.8-gallon (7 liter) bottle has a spill-free mechanism, making it easy to invert the bottle back onto the cooler.
  • The replaceable filters are tested and use only certified NSF medium and are tested in Laboratories to remove most contaminants and impurities that we want out of our drinking water.
  • No need for polluting trucks delivering bottled water.