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Original replacement part for Little Luxury Vitality Water Cooler

Product Description

The BPA-Free bottle can hold 1.8 gallons of water. Replacement bottle for the Vitality Mini Water Cooler. Does not include the cap.

3 reviews for VITALITY BOTTLE

  1. Lisa Learned (verified owner)

    I LOVE my little Luxury water cooler! I used to rent from a water company, but the prices of the 5 gal jugs kept going up as did the cost of the rental. Don’t even get me started on picking those 5 gal jugs up to place on the water cooler! Plus the space needed to store the extra 5 gal jugs! This little Luxury is compact and fits in a very small space. I would recommend it to anyone trying to drink more water! I LOVE THE PRODUCT!

  2. Pegi

    I also needed to drink more water as I am diabetic and in a wheelchair
    I love my cooler as I couldn’t manage those cases of water or a full sized cooler. I still have fairly good use of my arms and can manage the bottle size on Little Luxury.

  3. Cash (verified owner)

    Grandkids love it. That’s why I bought it.

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